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Movies on the mesa

February 14, 2007

Some quick numbers from an ABQ Tribune article on the new Albuquerque Studios located in Mesa Del Sol:

  • Albuquerque Studios cost $74.8 million to construct. The total project is estimated to cost $120 million when furnished with additional office space, commercial retail and a temporary housing complex.
  • A 24k square foot sound stage will run $5k a day–before costs for utilities.
  • AS’ smallest sounds stage is 18k square feet–a full 3k square feet more than the average LA sound stage (or about the size of a modern four bedroom house).
  • 78k square feet of office space is currently available.
  • AS has an option to build on 26.5 acres adjacent to the current campus.
  • New Mexico offers 25% rebate on production costs subject to NM state taxes.
  • Jeremy Hariton, AS’ executive director, is 29 years old.

Sounds like a good deal to me, if I were in the film industry.

Pacifica Ventures, the company who built and manages AS, also manages Elstree Studios outside of London, the famous Culver City Studios in Los Angeles (well, technically Culver City), and is building studios in Kiev, Ukraine.

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