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Prodigal son– no, bands come home

March 13, 2007

The Western United States has a number of creative class hives: Austin, Boulder, Portland, and Albuquerque. There is something about these towns that is just a little bit off, but in a good way. Keep Austin Weird! Keep Portland Weird! Keep Boulder Weird! Keep It Querque! (You tell me which one is creative, eh?) All these towns have something different to offer, and in that regard, they all have the same thing to offer. So I ask, why do Albuquerque bands pack up and head out of town only to find themselves back in the same scene? I don’t know. I can’t blame anyone for going out there and adventuring. I tip my hat to the courage it takes to force discomfort upon oneself. But don’t you kind of take it personally when some leaves our city? “What, we’re not weird enough for you? Thanks right, we’re querque dammit!”

All that said, I still have a soft spot for our roving musicians. I hope they find success and good fortune wherever they lay roots. Most of these bands make an effort to come through Los Burque whenever logistics permit. Case in point, two former Duke City bands now residing in Portland, Ore. are playing Albuquerque in the coming weeks. The gingerbread patriots will be rockin’ their milky way pop at the Launchpad on March 22, and bona fide international superstars The Shins (can’t push that ‘indie’ label on me anymore, I’m catching on) have just announced a date at the El Rey Theatre on April 10. Great bands, great venues… just looking for some great fans to show up.

Sure, these bands have checked out of the Duke City, but they have our photos plastered all over the fridge—I’m sure of it.

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