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Albuquerque… like carne asada or Ricardo Montalbán

March 23, 2007

College Basketball. In Loboland everyone is talking about UNM’s new Men’s Basketball coach, Steve Alford. He, however, is not the topic of this post.

I’m concerned with college basketball’s ability—or inability—to spell. This from the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Why did the [NCAA Basketball] tournament go back to calling the regions East, South, Midwest and West? Because a lot of people had trouble spelling Albuquerque – really, that was part of it – and nothing spelled big-time like an East Rutherford regional.

Granted, Albuquerque is not the easiest word to spell, but c’mon! You’re telling me sports reporters and the PR folks in athletic departments can’t spell Albuquerque? I understand Albuquerque was in the ‘tough’ section of the third grade spelling book—right there next to Mississippi and Massachusetts, but in the days of word processors and spell check, Albuquerque really shouldn’t be a problem, right?

A test. Firing up Word 2003, I type, “Albequerque,” “Albukerky,” “Albukurkee,” and “Albukerque.” Yup, spell check catches them all.

If reporters and PR departments can’t spell Albuquerque correctly, then I don’t think they have any business covering or working with college athletics.

(Title of this post doesn’t make sense? Perhaps it isn’t the greatest, but let me point you in this direction. Dumb. I know.)

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