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Bar blossoms in Nob Hill

March 30, 2007

From a poster called ‘christine’ in the Duke City Fix Community Forum this past Tuesday:

I was at the bar at Savoy (excellent place if you haven’t tried it) and heard that the talented people who brought us Ambrozia are taking over the Graze location and opening Nob Hill Bar and Grill. It will be a bar with bar food, but if the food is coming from Sam Etheridge, how could it miss?

I confirmed it with Ambrozia. They hope to be open by September. This is exciting news for Nob Hill barflies!

Could the curse of 3124 Central Avenue finally be lifted???????????

Exciting news, indeed. If Sam Etheridge (read: Miami’snot San Diego’sJohnny V, Portobello, and Bein Shur) can work some of that Old Town Ambrozia Cafe & Wine Bar magic in Nob Hill, cheers to all!

The nightlife in Nob Hill is as strong as anywhere in the city (arguably, the strongest), but that doesn’t mean it can’t get better. The pulse on the restaurant and bar scene seems steady, but I’m still waiting to see a music venue pop up and fill the hole left by Sonny’s closure. Likewise, the area nightlife could greatly benefit from one or two designated taxi queues. The city is trying to make the neighborhood more pedestrian friendly, but I’m not sure if painting ‘Look Left’ at crosswalks accomplishes such goals.

Regardless, the planned Nob Hill Bar & Grill is great news. Bottoms up!

UPDATE: Speaking of blossoms, I just saw a hanging planter go up in the median at Central Ave. & Carlisle Blvd. Check another one off the Nob Hill Highland Sector Development Plan.

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