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Isotopes helping you score…

April 5, 2007

…free stuff!

If you weren’t already aware, tonight is the Isotopes home opener. Now, I like baseball — especially in person — but I know my enthusiasm isn’t universally shared. So how do I get the “No can do — Grey’s Anatomy is on tonight” folks to catching nine innings with me? Throw free stuff in their face, obviously.

Sadly, not all promotional items are created equally. (What kid really wants an ‘Orbit Growth Chart’?) So, I’ve slapped together list of home games with great promotional bait — sure to real ’em in.

  • April 5, Stadium blanket giveaway thanks to Sandia Casino & Resort
  • April 6, Orbit beach towel giveaway from Defined Fitness (You know, for that local beach.)
  • April 22, Isotopes pennant giveaway courtesy of Coca-Cola
  • April 23, 50 cent hot dog night!!
  • May 23, Adult fun run (Get to all three bases and score? Deal.)
  • June 7, Isotopes baseball card giveaway
  • June 11, 50 cent hot dog night, redux!!!
  • June 13, Isotopes travel mug giveaway thanks to Zanios Foods
  • June 14, Isotopes team poster giveaway
  • June 16, Beatle Mania Again performing (Because Wings doesn’t like baseball.)
  • June 17, Isotopes t-shirt giveaway, hat tip Rocky Mountain RV & Marine
  • June 30, Orbit bobblehead giveaway from the Coca-Cola
  • July 1, Cowbell coming at you from Creamland
  • July 9, PNM Power Derby a/k/a homerun derby
  • July 11, AAA All-star Game, ya heard?!
  • July 18, Duke’s retro night (Nothing free but that pride in your Piazza jersey.)
  • August 26, Pink tote bag giveaway compliments of Radiology Associates

Ok, so not all those dates are promotional nights, but c’mon — 50 hot dogs! For my money, June looks like the month to go, unless of course you’re in it for — you know — the sport, then the All-star game in July has your name all over it. In any case, hopefully these date will help provide you with some incentive to fill some seats. If we can’t pack AAA baseball games, are we really worthy of major league sports? C’mon Burque!

See you at the game tonight! Go ‘topes!

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