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City Council cutting back on sweets

April 13, 2007

Yeah, let’s just take all of Albuquerque’s character and shove it in some underfunded warehouse of a museum that Albuquerquean’s are unlike to visit and visitor just won’t get. KOBTV is reporting the city council is considering an ordinance that would ban all signage over 13 feet tall. Apparently the city counsel has never seen one of the most famous photographs in the world.

I’m all for jazzing up the city, but that doesn’t mean we have to change who we are. Albuquerque is not Newport Beach, and frankly, it should never try to be. Good gentrification builds upon the foundations already laid. Example, the Modern Streetcarif it ever actually materializes — will run where Albuquerque’s original streetcars ran, Railroad Avenue (Central Avenue to you and me).

Giant candy canes, twenty-fives with exclamation points, and towering neo-retro Q’s are hardly a public nuisance. Sure, they may not be the classiest marketing gimmick, but gimmick — yeah, for sure, right on.

C’mon city council, ‘Keep Burque Querque!’

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