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Q’ing up cell phones

April 24, 2007

Interactive cell phone gaming is coming to town. Extreme AI, an Albuquerque company, is producing what I can best describe as an city-wide scavenger hunt.

“Ok — scavenger hunt. So how do you play?”

To play ‘The Q Game,’ you’ll visit
and sign up to receive a text message riddles on your cell phone. If what I’ve gathered from the ABQ Tribune article is correct, you’ll get a daily text — a riddle — that will lead you to some place in the city. Presumably, solving the riddle and arriving at your location will lead you to your next riddle/location. Again, I’d assume each successive riddle is text to you after you text the correct answer to (There isn’t a whole lot of info on Extreme AI’s website — so I’m filling in blanks based on similar interactive games.) Correctly solving the riddles earns you prizes and… uh, street cred — maybe.

The Q Game isn’t suppose to launch until May 1st, but Red Herring already nominated it as a finalist in its Web-2-Mobile competition.

Bang or bust — it is great to see local companies pushing the envelope and embracing new technologies and communication platforms. I wish Extreme AI all the success.

So now I am obliged to ask, dear reader, “Do you Q?”

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