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We’re kind of a big deal… in Budapest

May 7, 2007

Albuquerque, we’re home to a lot of things. The world’s longest areal tramway. The 2007 AAA All-star game. A man who drinks his own urine. A Hawk and a Hacksaw. Wait… what?

When you think of Albuquerque, you normally don’t picture a big Balkan/gypsy/folk music scene, right? Yeah, I don’t either, but that didn’t stop ex-Neutral Milk Hotel drummer, Jeremy Barnes, and Albuquerquean, Heather Trost, from giving it a go. Since 2002, the pair has released three albums — all to some well deserved acclaimed. In the duo’s latest project, they’ve paired up with The Hun Hangár Ensemble to record an album cleverly dubbed, A Hawk and a Hacksaw and The Hun Hangár Ensemble EP, and wouldn’t you know it — the album comes out today!

With the Ensemble, A Hawk and a Hacksaw will spend the next two months touring Europe. No word on any State-side appearances, but maybe we’ll get lucky — you have to come back for the chile sometime, right? Regardless, it’s great to see Albuquerqueans pushing arts and culture around the world. Køsønøm, A Hawk and a Hacksaw.

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