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Burque por vida

July 1, 2007

A while back I wrote about the city rebranding itself as ‘The Q.’ At the time I didn’t have much of a problem with the Q — and I still don’t, as long as the Q isn’t abused as a moniker-preamble by local businesses. I have no problems with the Q Bar in the Hotel Albuquerque or people shortening Albuquerque Studios to Q Studios (that giant Q in the logo probably makes this tolerable).

My permissiveness, however, is not universal.

Enter Soy de Burque. A collective hunkered down in Albuquerque bunkers dust filled acequias ready to do battle with Mayor Martin Chavez and shiny suit marketers for the soul of the Duke City. Their message? Albuquerque’s sex is life affirming; not corporate shallow. I mean, right? We’re Burque. We don’t got need no stinking marketing.

Soy de Burque:

On March 23rd, 2007 mayor Martin Chavez announced his plans to brand Albuquerque as “the Q”. With the help of a large corporate advertising and marketing firm, his goal is to bring in out-of-state investors by making Burque hip and associating it with a hip name. As proud “Burqueños”, we feel this is an unnecessary title. Show your pride.

We are from Burque…not “the Q”.

Hey, I’m with you. I think ‘Burque’ is badass, but that “large corporate advertising and marketing firm” you mention — they’re a 26 year old Albuquerque based company. But I can overlook the oversight. It is the message we should focus on. So, is the Q necessary? Probably not. The Q can’t step to the substance ‘Burque’ brings. But is there room for the Q? I think so.

Albuquerque doesn’t exist in a vaccuum. Jaunt on up to Denver and ask how to get to Burque. Blank stares. Ask ’em how to get to Albuquerque… you may still get stares, but they’ll point you in the right direction.

Duke City is a great nickname, but outside of the now non-existent Dukes, how is someone from out of state to know the Duke City?

ABQ is probably the best challenger to the Q… heck, it might be the outright winner. Everyone that checks a bag on their way to Burque gets a free ABQ souvenir. Postage addressed to ABQ, NM will somehow find its way to Albuquerque. Selling ABQ? Well, the only commonly used three letter acronym for a city I can think of is NYC — maybe MIA. ABQ has legs but I’m not sure it can run a marathon. (And yet, the Duke City can. Weird. Shucks! I named this blog ABQrising, too. Idiot.)

So what to do about marketing? Say it with me, “Burque.” —Roll that ‘r’ dammit. I think ‘Burque’ best captures the people and the culture of Albuquerque, and I think you agree with me — we can’t explain it, but we have an affinity for ‘Burque.’

Hmmm… but let me provide this observation: Right now I am working out of state. My colleagues are great; extremely well educated; tuned in; worldly. Every now and again I mention something “back in Burque.” They have no idea what I am talking about. “Burque” doesn’t translate outside of Albuquerque.

Market ‘Burque?’ I don’t know if you can. That ‘r’ is a big crux, and Burque doesn’t sit nicely within Albuquerque… unless you remember those Mayor Marty signs that included that long lost ‘r’ in, ahem, AlBURQUErque. But isn’t that a little incestuous? Soy de Burque is attacking the marketing plan of the man who put the ‘r’ back in Burque? Or is it the father of Burque committing infanticide with his marketing plan? Damn, this story has serious telenovela potential.

I love Albuquerque. You can call it the Duke City, ABQ, Burque or the Q. I don’t care. You can join the revolution for $17.99 or become a franchisee in the Q. Your choice.

Albuquerque has 300 years of history behind it. No marketing plan can take away from one of this country’s most original cities. The Q? Hecho in Burque.

I am a proud Burqueño, and I’ll wear it on my chest no problem, but I won’t turn against my city when it attempts to raise its profile.

Soy de Burque.

P.S.: Can’t wait for my shirt!

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  1. John permalink
    July 4, 2007 9:18 pm

    How would you pronounce “ABQ”? I’m imagining a lot of Abiqu confusion.

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