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All your computer are belong to Burque

July 31, 2007

Albuquerque is getting a second dose of love from CNET Their intrepid reporter, Daniel Terdiman, braved Old Town to visit two Duke City museums! First, the National Atomic Museum, and now the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science.

Why the natural history museum? Computers, of course. The museum is home to ‘START UP: Albuquerque and the Computer Revolution’. What self respecting geek wouldn’t check that out? The exhibit documents the rise of the ‘microcomputer’ and reflects on Albuquerque’s significant (to say the least) contributions to the rise of the personal computer. gives the exhibit props for balancing the PC’s history and Albuquerque’s handy work. If anything, the piece seems to indicate Albuquerque’s role in the PC age isn’t celebrate enough:

Naturally, given that the exhibit isn’t just about Albuquerque and the founding of Microsoft, it also has a small section devoted to Apple and the Macintosh, as well as to the Web, and today’s technology.

But given the city the exhibit is in, it’s no wonder Albuquerque is the star.

It’s just too bad the city’s fate in the whole story isn’t more glamorous. In the end, it’s very much like the story of the small town the mammoth movie star came from, and boy, isn’t the town proud?

But, these events are worth celebrating, and when put into the context of the full history of the microcomputer, the exhibit is a winner. If you’re in the area, it’s well worth visiting.

Ok, maybe I’m reading a little too much into it, but it’s nice to have a visitor appreciate our city’s contributions to computer’s and technology.

Man— atomic bombs, computer revolutions, and spaceports? If there isn’t already an official Geek Capital of the World, then I purpose New Mexico toss its hat in the ring.

UPDATE: has a photo tour of the exhibit online, too. Check it out!

UPDATE 2: Looks like Duke City Fix beat me to the START UP exhibit. That’s what I get for sleeping in.

Postscript: Don’t get the title of this post? Try here.

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