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Clothing optional

August 17, 2007

Dear Weekly Alibi,

Picked up your publication today. Zombies, eh? Don’t worry, I have a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide, and something on robots, too — just in case. (Christmas presents from Mom, if you were wondering.) I thought Thomas Gilchrist’s sign-off was nice. He embraced his inner Burqueño; I tip my hat. The telephone numbers were on point, I think the first few pages of the phone book would agree. But I have a beef with you, Alibi. You straight disrespected ABQrising.

“50 Ways to Blog New Mexico.” Couldn’t include one more? Isn’t it against some ‘periodical code’ to publish lists ending with the zero digit? No room for ABQrising in the 505? Really?

That’s ok. You did point to many of my favorites, and I have been out of town most of the summer, too. You know what — where’s the beef? There is no beef. Silly me. By your own admission the list isn’t “comprehensive.” And after all, I’m just a schmuck with an internet connection.

Wait a second! I counted; your list includes 51 blogs. Not cool, Alibi. There is only one way to settle this — dance off. No! I’d lose that contest. Hmm… I’ve heard a lot about this ‘Geeks Who Drink’ deal down at Burt’s. Sounds like a contest I may be overqualified for… perfect. When you’re ready to step up to the bar, name the Monday. ABQrising It’s better than falling Is always thirsty.

Cry if you must,

Bottom of the Glass

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  1. August 18, 2007 10:09 pm

    The bummer, if you ask me, is that they listed at least one site far less active than yours (hello! Mayor Marty!) You was robbed.

  2. El Orange permalink
    August 21, 2007 4:52 pm

    Well, life goes on. I appreciate DCF’s support.

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