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Canadians and Kenyans! Oh, my!

August 24, 2007

Albuquerque isn’t just a hot spot for Kenyan runners (actually, distance runners from around the world train here — look no further than the Academy perimeter), we have a Canadian cyclist, too! Geoff Kabush, former Olympian and champion cyclist, spent his summer vacation in Burque’s thin air. He loves the heat, so I hear.

The man, himself:

The final race on the “Amurican” MTB circuit is over, the NMBS Finals in Aspen, and the summer seems to be flying by. However, right now I am trying to train in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for three weeks, and I wouldn’t mind seeing some fall temperatures. My only escape from the heat, usually around 95°F, is to ride up to around eight, nine, ten thousand plus feet (~2700m)where it cools off a bit. Right now, I am way too lazy to get up and ride at 6AM like most desert dwellers.

Too lazy? Yeah, pretty damn lazy— riding a bike up a freakin’ mountain. You’re totally bringing down our fitness ranking.

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