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Shack up with the Dukes

August 29, 2007

For $1.6 million you can purchase a renovated 16th century Spanish church neatly situated below the Palace of the Dukes of Albuquerque. According to the International Herald Tribune, before the home in Cuéllar, Spain became a residence, it was used as monk and brick factory. No doubt the Duke for which our 300 year old city is named passed this home many a time.

[T]he house looks out onto the large, terraced garden — now overgrown with weeds — that slopes upward in the direction of a castle, known as the Palace of the Dukes of Albuquerque. When Sáez was a girl, during the regime of the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, the castle held political prisoners. “Sometimes they would escape and go through our garden and my mother would wake up to find the civil guard looking for them,” she recalled.

Awesome. I’d totally throw down a few greenbacks for a piece of (almost) Albuquerque history. First, I need a few greenbacks. Any wide boys out there?

Funny. I wonder why they dropped the ‘r’ in Alburqueque for this article? It must be contagious.

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