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$10 for a movie ticket?

September 7, 2007

Forget that. Why not catch some free flicks on a giant screen in the heart of Downtown?

Wear your ‘Vote for Pedro’ shirt proudly and be on the lookout for ROUS because the Independent Film Channel is setting up a small tenement theatre in Civic Plaza next Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Luis Vasquez, Manager, Promotions & Events, IFC Television:

I work for the Independent Film Channel in NYC and we have put together a traveling film tour this summer. Our last stop is Albuquerque and we are coming to Civic Plaza on September 12th and 13th. I thought that your web community [You here that! You and me — we’re a community!] might enjoy receiving an invite to this free event and I’m looking for some help getting the word out to them.

Here are the details:
Wednesday, September 12: The Princess Bride
Thursday, September 13: Napoleon Dynamite

*Gates open for picnicking at 6pm. The movie starts at sunset.

3rd St and Marquete Ave NW
We are trying to celebrate the film community of Albuquerque by featuring the short films New Mexico film makers in our media lab lounge, giving away an HD Camera, collecting DVDs to be donated to a local children’s hospital and of course… offering 2 hit titles FOR FREE outside and under the stars!

Attached is the evite to our event. Any ideas on spreading the word about our free event would be greatly appreciated. IFC would like to give this as a gift to Albuquerque for supporting Indie Film and film makers in such a huge way… I just want to make sure people know about it. For more info, check us out at

If you have any other ideas that would help get the word out, please let me know and thanks in advance for your help!

No problem, Louie! Can I call you Louie? Anyway, for my taste, I find both films family friendly and hilarious. Hey, you get a chance to feed support your local film makers, too! Bonus: the killer heat we’ve had the last few weeks is on a Summer vacation, so we’re in the middle of some primo evenings.

Free movies. Giant screen. Outdoors. How can you not be sold?

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