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Albuquerque: Where learn happens

November 19, 2007

We’re all edumacated up in here Burque. Well, at least one us didn’t ditch class; we call him Rhodes Scholar, Pravin Rajan. Rajan, of Irvine, CA Albuquerque, was named a 2008 Rhodes Scholar. Although Rajan isn’t from Albuquerque per se, his father works for Sandia National Labs, his sister attends our flagship university, and his brother studies at Albuquerque Academy. Eh, if his Albuquerque roots are good enough for the Tribune, then aren’t they good enough for us all?

Seriously, though. The guy is impressive. He just graduated from Georgetown, he is a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps Reserve, and has an opportunity to study at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. Not too shabby.

Congratulations, Pravin. Your adopted home the home that adopted you is proud.


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