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Rio Chama rerouted through Downtown

November 30, 2007

I have it on good word (off the clock employees are good word, right?) that Chama River Brewing Company is going to open a new watering hole Downtown. But wait, Chama already has a bar down there?! Yes, Chama does have a bar on 2nd Street & Central, but it is a tiny little side bar — which is cozy, but evidently inadequate in bed in square footage.

So where do we get our drink on?

Glad you asked, I guess. The new spring of fermented goodness will sprout on 2nd Street and Marble. Yeah, a little weird, but who am I refute the claims of a barkeep (psst.. they don’t like it when you call them ‘barkeep,’ weird). The location is mighty close to the courthouses, which are in need of a good spot for the always in style “businessman’s lunch.” (Carom Club, you missed that boat.) In fact, the Rio Chama serves that very necessary function exceptionally well in Santa Fe. Ok, so the 2nd and Marble location makes sense.

Other details? Well, they’re going to move the whole brewing operation Downtown. Food may or may not be served (yeah, I’m super informative). The bar will have the look and feel of the I-25 location. And the old Downtown location will close its doors… which seems silly. I mean, look, Downtown nightlife is Central Avenue. I understand moving the ‘Chama,’ but surely you could turn the old location into, oh, I don’t know, another Sleeping Dog Tavern.

Ok, kids, it’s 12:30. Lunch time.

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  1. Mario permalink
    December 4, 2007 1:48 pm

    That is great news, I hope spreading the entertainment options around DT will surely help the entire revitalization efforts.

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