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The Strip Malls of Brazil

December 3, 2007

Some bands came through Albuquerque this weekend. They played together at Misty’s Hideaway. Their thoughts:

We arrived at Misty’s Hideaway at around 11:15 pm. Diverje were just ending and Vertigo Venus were about to go on. We loaded into Misty’s which is one of those clubs located in a strip mall and soaked up the scene. Actually most of Albuquerque looks like a strip mall.

Strip mall, eh? Well, uh, you may have a point. Really though? You arrived in the dark of night and decided we’re just one giant strip mall?

I insisted that we eat at Tucanos Brazilian Grill for Sunday brunch and I’m now the hero of the day. Words can not describe how good the food is there and the whole band just stuffed ourselves silly. Tommy T took us here on the AD tour and I’ve been in love with it ever since. highly recommended!

Hmmm… well at least one of you ventured out of strip mall country and found your way into Downtown.

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