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Anasazi return — residing in 30 story tall Downtown condos

February 18, 2008

Tonight the reality of Blue Dot Corporation’s Residences at Packard Place is, well, a little more real. Although I can’t find any new information online, KOB reports the success of Blue Dot’s current project, the Anasazi Downtown, has boosted the developer’s confidence in the ambitious Packard project. (I also can’t find a link on KOB’s site to this story — sorry.) Recalling from the report, 35 of the 45 Anasazi residences are already sold with the project expected to wrap up in another two months.

First announced in June 2007, the purposed Residences at Packard Place, a pair of 30 story tall towers, will include 20 stories of residence, eight levels of parking, one level for “resident amenities” (10th floor), and ground level retail and commercial. If built, the Packard Place towers will be the tallest structures in New Mexico.

I have to admit, I was hopeful but weary when I first heard the Packard news back in June. Our last (and really only) major skyscraper went up in 1990 — 18 years ago. When Packard was first announced, the plan called for the towers’ completion by 2010 — 20 years after the Albuquerque Plaza and Hyatt Regency Albuquerque were built. While this latest bit of news is encouraging, and the city supposedly supports Packard, there is a huge part of me that wants to “see it before I believe it.” The success of Anasazi is fantastic and only strengthens Blue Dot’s impressive resume, but 30 stories is a lot bigger than 9 (21 stories bigger — math whiz, this guy).

In any event, this current turn of events should further fuel the hopeful optimism may Burqueños have for Downtown.

UPDATE: The ABQ Journal ran a story this past Sunday on Anasazi Downtown. In the article, Vincent Garcia of Blue Dot is quotes as saying the company is strongly considering turning Packard into a 35 to 40 story tall building.

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