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Tonight Downtown! Sounds of smoldering ash!

February 28, 2008

If I want to have an afternoon beer, then dammit I’m going to have one ten. Unfortunately, the Golden West is ashed out, the El Rey’s terracotta roof is a little over baked, and the Launchpad is grounded indefinitely. You can’t judge me.

The video is just unreal. I can’t believe it.

Not that any of the venues are the 8th Wonder of the World, but the Golden West and El Rey are grossly historic. I hate to say it, but  you don’t know [what you] have until its gone. I think a lot of folks took the history of the El Rey for granted. Always a little outshined by the KiMo, you know?

The Launchpad was well on its way to becoming one of those “must have” played venues for future legends of rock, too.

I hope Joe Anderson can bring “Burque’s Best Music Venue” back to life. Man. And God bless Kathy Zimmer and her family’s effort in recent years to revitalize the Golden West and El Rey. Not that everything was perfect, but did you catch a show there lately? Talk about steps in the right direction.

The Trib shuts down on Saturday and El Rey/Golden West burn down on Thursday? Albuquerque, preserve your freakin’ history.

What a blow to the local music scene.

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