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Coca-Cola gets hip to Blue Sky’s hippie vibe

March 6, 2009

You know what is nice about semi-trucks? They rumble. You can hear ’em from a mile away. Never have to worry about one sneaking up on you–until now.

I can only imagine the glum that beset HQ when Coca-Cola learned adding lime flavoring to your drink doesn’t make you a member of the green commercialution. (Confounding environmental movements! C’mon. Let’s uniformly throw our hands up in .) Fortunately, the company had a Plan B: hybrid diesel trucks.

Oh, baby.

Dear reader, let Coca-Cola be the first to introduce you to the Kenworth T370 Hybrid Tractor (PDF). Shazam!

From KING Channel 5 in Seattle, WA:

According to a company news release, Coca-Cola has ordered 150 Kenworth T370 diesel-electric tractors and 35 Kenworth T370 hybrid trucks, all of which will be on the road this year. The Kenworth T370 tractors (rated at 55,000 lb. GCW) are the largest hybrid delivery truck on the road in North America.

Hear that? Largest. Very nice.

Kenworth says Coca-Cola plans to use the hybrid tractors in Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, New Orleans, New York, San Antonio, San Francisco, Tampa, Toronto, Vancouver, B.C. and Washington, D.C. The hybrid trucks will be deployed in Seattle, Albuquerque, Boston, Cincinnati, Columbus (Ohio), Jacksonville (Fla.), Knoxville, Las Vegas, Missoula and New Orleans.

Don’t you think Missoula should get MN in parentheses, too. Not because there are a bunch of Missoula’s out there, but because I’m not too sure many people know where Missoula is exactly.

So, anyway, do I buy Coke Zero because it is delivered on a hybrid or do I continue to surrender dead presidents to our local all natural carbonated kola syrup company, el Blue Sky Natural Cola ?

Answer: Coke Zero. Blue Sky isn’t local anymore, anyway.

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