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Vagina getting all thespian on you

February 20, 2008

Did you know we’re in the middle of V-Day? Ok, forgive the misnomer, but V-Day is actually a month long womens awareness movement celebrated from February 1st to March 8th. During this month long movement, across the globe women collaborate in performances of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues. So where can you catch a local V-logues production and show your support? The UNM School of Law, of course.

This Thursday, Friday and Saturday, students and professors from the Women’s Law Caucus at the UNMSOL will hold public performances of the acclaimed play. Tickets are $5 for (UNM?) students and $10 for members of the community. The curtain rises at 6pm in auditorium 2401 at the law school (1117 Standford Dr. NE).

I had the great fortune of catching the WLC’s performance last year. Good stuff. If you’ve never seen the play or maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve caught it, this is a great (and affordable) opportunity to see what all the fuss is about and support a pretty amazing group of women.

Check it out. Two thumbs up, or however you show support for theatre.


Ben Johnson is a bad ass

February 19, 2008

Albuquerque is home to no major professional sports franchises. Albuquerque, however, is home to Ben Johnson, a bad MF’ing dude.

Johnson, an Albuquerque Academy senior, is a phenomenal runner. This past weekend Johnson competed in the United States Track and Field Cross Country Championships and World Trials. Actually, Johnson didn’t compete… he dominated. The 18 year old was one of 100 distance runners selected to compete in this past weekend’s event. The field was composed of approximately seventy college freshmen and thirty high school seniors from across these fifty sovereign United States. The top six finishers qualified for he U.S. Jr. National XC Team and will compete next month in the World Cross Country Championships in Edinburgh, Scotland. Johnson finished sixth, 0.10 seconds faster than future teammate Brendan Gregg of Stanford University.

Johnson wasn’t the only Burqueño to do the Duke City proud. Matt Tebo, Eldorado ’07 and University of Colorado freshman, finished tenth, and Johnson’s former teammate, Dustin Martin, Albuquerque Academy ’07 and Columbia University freshman, finished thirty-fifth. Albuquerque-area distance runners have shown on the national radar for awhile now, but this breakout race is really a huge coming out for locally raised talent.

So, what does it take to kick so much ass? Try running a minimum of nine miles in approximately one hour for two months, everyday, without exception. Yeah, that’s nine consecutive miles at roughly a little more than 4 minute mile 6:40 minute mile pace. Oh, and that is after leading your high school team to the number one spot in the nation… and training at elevation… in the winter… through sand and over mountains. I think I just lost a good twenty pounds trying to wrap my brain around that.

Congratulations, Ben. You’re a freakin’ stud. We’re less than two months into 2008 and you’re, uh, already running away with Albuquerque sportsman of the year.

Anasazi return — residing in 30 story tall Downtown condos

February 18, 2008

Tonight the reality of Blue Dot Corporation’s Residences at Packard Place is, well, a little more real. Although I can’t find any new information online, KOB reports the success of Blue Dot’s current project, the Anasazi Downtown, has boosted the developer’s confidence in the ambitious Packard project. (I also can’t find a link on KOB’s site to this story — sorry.) Recalling from the report, 35 of the 45 Anasazi residences are already sold with the project expected to wrap up in another two months.

First announced in June 2007, the purposed Residences at Packard Place, a pair of 30 story tall towers, will include 20 stories of residence, eight levels of parking, one level for “resident amenities” (10th floor), and ground level retail and commercial. If built, the Packard Place towers will be the tallest structures in New Mexico.

I have to admit, I was hopeful but weary when I first heard the Packard news back in June. Our last (and really only) major skyscraper went up in 1990 — 18 years ago. When Packard was first announced, the plan called for the towers’ completion by 2010 — 20 years after the Albuquerque Plaza and Hyatt Regency Albuquerque were built. While this latest bit of news is encouraging, and the city supposedly supports Packard, there is a huge part of me that wants to “see it before I believe it.” The success of Anasazi is fantastic and only strengthens Blue Dot’s impressive resume, but 30 stories is a lot bigger than 9 (21 stories bigger — math whiz, this guy).

In any event, this current turn of events should further fuel the hopeful optimism may Burqueños have for Downtown.

UPDATE: The ABQ Journal ran a story this past Sunday on Anasazi Downtown. In the article, Vincent Garcia of Blue Dot is quotes as saying the company is strongly considering turning Packard into a 35 to 40 story tall building.

Hyperactive: back in your earhole

February 14, 2008

The 3rd annual Hyperactive Music Festival & Conference is gearing up to invade Downtown Albuquerque yet again. The event brings hundreds of music industry types to the Duke City for three days of music and mingling. This year’s showcase is slated to take place in the Spring, May 22-24, at all your favorite Downtown venues (albeit, the Launchpad, right?). Artists are encouraged to visit the festival’s website and submit their bid to perform all along Albuquerque’s stretch of Route 66.

The bill for last year’s festival was fantastic. Loads of quality music for your sonic consuming ear canal. Tell your friends and family! What a great way to let loose for a weekend.

I’ll have an ‘Albuquerque Rocks’

February 11, 2008

Apparently Bugs Bunny should have taken a left at Albuquerque. Bummer, Bugs. Maybe you’ll end up at a Left at Albuquerque restaurant, and if you do, order up an Albuquerque Rocks (under ‘Specialty Drinks’) for me. Let me know how it goes, will ya. A Tecate-tomato-Worcestershire-lime fusion? Who knows?

: This is an Albuquerque Rocks, apparently.

They’ll come for our ‘Magic Cookies’

February 11, 2008

Washington, D.C. likes to host conventions on hosting conventions. Genius! Albuquerque likes to bring ‘magic cookies’ to said conventions. Genius-i-er!

Food seems to be a big part of selling a city. There were close-ups of Corpus Christi’s Whataburger and what appeared to be giant sparkly gumdrops at Knoxville’s booth. Albuquerque flew in pastry chef Chris Morales to whip up some “magic cookies” and give away loaves of his green chili bread in burlap bags.

Green chile bread… sure. Yeah, that’s what’s in there…

Obama’s Burque event location announced

January 30, 2008

Just in…

Economic Summit with Barack Obama

Kiva Auditorium
Albuquerque Convention Center
401 2nd Street NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Friday, February 1, 2008
Doors Open: 11:30 a.m.

Tickets available online.

Not your typical rockstar; not your typical rock. …Or something like that.